Improving society through technology.
Solutions for banking, financial sector and mass consumption.



Online Banking

We develop solutions that allow your customers to access and operate services from any device or screen, improving user experience and reducing operating costs. 

  • Digital Financial Services (FINTECH)
  • Electronic wallets
  • Home banking
  • Self-service

Mobile Banking

We develop solutions for your customers to access any banking service through their mobile device in a secure and personalized way.

  • Electronic wallet
  • Signatures
  • E-check

Core Systems Integration

We design and implement integration architectures to meet the needs of modern banking (high transactionality, security, availability, response times, etc).

Payment gateways

We develop and provide customized payment and collection solutions to meet the needs of any organization.

    • Tax collection
    • Payment of monthly or recurring products and services.

Financial Sector

Trading Solutions

We implement solutions that allow you to visualize market data and route orders from/to any market.

      • Order Management System (OMS)
      • Pre-trade risk systems
      • Market connectors (MTR, ByMA, etc.)
      • Mobile applications s

Algorithmic Trading

We develop solutions that allow to take advantage of market history to automate investments.

      • Artificial intelligence
      • Big data
      • Bots

Systems integration

We develop and implement middleware solutions that allow you to replace or modernize any component of your architecture while minimizing the impact.

      • Replacement of custody systems
      • Microservices and queuing systems
      • ESB

Mass Consumption

Mobile order-management

We develop and implement solutions that enable full order management by consumers in a mobile ecosystem.

      • Shopping cart
      • Full order management
      • Integration with ERPs

Profit and customer loyalty

We create solutions that enable you to efficiently and uniquely load and present the various advantages your customers have.

      • Geolocation
      • Allow your applications to react based on the users’ location.
      • Personalization

Marketing and promotions

We implement solutions that help to segment your audience in order to communicate and sell to the right customers.

      • Segmentation
      • Dynamic promotions
      • Shopping assistant

Business Process Optimization

We automate key business processes to optimize your sales cycle.

      • Automation of manual tasks
      • Dashboards

Industry 4.0

Our solution leverages data analysis, software development, and artificial intelligence to optimize production processes, resulting in greater productivity for the world we live in.

We use software, edge computing, IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimize continuous industrial processes.

We capture data generated by machinery and sensors involved in any production process in real-time, we structure it in an appropriate manner to convert it into information, and from that information, we generate a set of reports and insights that allow specialists to make process optimization and improvement decisions

Industries that are currently benefiting from our services:

  • Petroleum refining.
  • Gas.
  • Pulp and Paper.
  • Synthetic fibers.
  • Waste processing.
  • Foundry.
  • Etc.


Tailor-made solutions

We take control of the project’s entire life cycle. From management to development; from analysis to implementation. We apply agile methodologies and focus on generating value for users from the first demo to the final implementation.

Dedicated team

We provide a multidisciplinary team with proper values, attitudes and abilities to work on a project that is managed by our client. Pigmalion teams work as autonomous cells in constant communication with the project stakeholders.


We provide professionals with the values, attitudes and abilities required to work effectively as a team member.

¿Cómo lo hacemos?

Soluciones a medida

Tomamos el control de todo el ciclo de vida de un proyecto. Desde el management hasta el desarrollo; desde el análisis hasta la implementación. Utilizamos metodologías ágiles y nos enfocamos en generar valor para los usuarios desde el primer demo hasta la implementación definitiva.

Equipo dedicado

Proveemos un equipo multidisciplinario con los valores, actitudes y habilidades necesarias para desempeñarse en un proyecto administrado por nuestro cliente. Los equipos funcionan como células autónomas en constante comunicación con los stakeholders del proyecto.


Proporcionamos profesionales con los valores, actitudes y habilidades necesarias para formar parte de un equipo ya existente.

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